GREEKSCAPES Illustrated: Journeys with an Artist Pamela Rogers



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GREEKSCAPES Illustrated: Journeys with an Artist  by  Pamela Rogers

GREEKSCAPES Illustrated: Journeys with an Artist by Pamela Rogers
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I am an artist, yet I was sidetracked often when I was young and still made decisions that interfered with a creative life when I was older. After twelve years of marriage, I was still trying to have a baby by doing everything possible including the impossible thought, try not to think about it.

Throwing myself into interior design gave me a feeling of accomplishment, but it was yet another compromise. There were always moments of clarity that verged on the enlightenment I sought, but too soon my doubts returned. Only my painting implored me to look inside and free up my emotional stalemate, and that persistence finally led to a brilliant painting mentor.

I had wanted to paint in Provence since my earliest memories and finally I had the chance! But the winds of change were blowing me to another destination. Greece? what can I paint there? I soon found the answer, and an epiphany in an olive grove gave me the gift that could change my life. But can I really survive as an artist was always the question that held me back.Id tried to meet the challenges of a traditional lifestyle of marriage and children, but how could I continue trying when my creative nature was leading me in another direction?

I first had to give birth to my Self by taking a hard look at the subtle and not so subtle influences, both sad and happy, that had altered the course of my life. Only then would I be able to overcome the major fear that Id denied since learning the truth of my own family history. I finally embarked on my journey with the longing for creative fulfillment as my only companion. Greeces vibrant colors were the perfect match for the lightness of spirit I needed to nurture in myself, and as the country and the people emerged with warmth and humor, I was at last free to embrace my mature years as an artist and a single woman!

However, the Fates had another journey they were busy weaving into my life. Could I embrace that new journey too?

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