Thirst Trilogy Collection (Vol. 1-3 + Bonus Story) Orlando Lucian Dinu



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Thirst Trilogy Collection (Vol. 1-3 + Bonus Story)  by  Orlando Lucian Dinu

Thirst Trilogy Collection (Vol. 1-3 + Bonus Story) by Orlando Lucian Dinu
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Thirst Trilogy Collection Vol. 1-3 includes the following books:THE ROMANCE OF BLOODYear 2053. An unknown event triggered the appearance of an extreme pandemic. Trying to cure it, the scientists only made things worse. The virus mutated, and soon, people started to turn into bloodthirsty beasts. The few survivors took refuge inside underground colonies, or inside heavily fortified cities. The war against the beasts seems to be endless, and the damnation of souls is a certainty for those who disobey the unwritten laws of the universe, both human and supernatural.

Daniel Anderson is one of the few survivors. He is decided to find out the truth about what caused the apocalypse, and to save his beloved wife. A quest for love, revenge and immortality might be the last chance for saving his soul.At approx. 50,000 words, “The romance of blood” is the first volume of the Thirst Series.THE BLOOD CURSEYear 2054. Nine months later, after the events of “The romance of blood”. The bloodthirsty beasts are attacking the last bastion of the resistance, and a difficult choice must be made. The very existence of The Order is threatened, but the change may come from where nobody expects.

Daniel Anderson discovered some terrible secrets, and nothing is what it seems. Tyria, his daughter, is the only one who can change the fate of humankind, but without any supernatural help, she might fail.At approx. 25,000 words, “The blood curse” is the second volume of the Thirst Series.THE HYBRID“The Hybrid” continues the story of the Thirst from where it was resumed in the previous book, “The blood curse”.

The only chance for winning the war against the bloodthirsty vampires is to raise an army of lycans. A powerful hybrid is awaken, and the balance of power changes dramatically.At approx. 21,000 words, “The Hybrid” is the third volume of the Thirst series.BONUS STORYAt approx. 1,500 words, The fallen angels is a short story about the beginning of the Thirst series. Two fallen angels, brother and sister, vampire and lycan, fought over the centuries for power, for blood, for supremacy, but the event which caused the apocalypse is the one which is going to converge their destinies to a single purpose, to mutual destruction.

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