Mano, The Awakeing Fane Vili

ISBN: 9780977407408

Published: April 5th 2006


288 pages


Mano, The Awakeing  by  Fane Vili

Mano, The Awakeing by Fane Vili
April 5th 2006 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 288 pages | ISBN: 9780977407408 | 4.54 Mb

A boy... A haunted island... Secrets... A time-bending quest. A quiet dawn shatters when a giant orb explodes over Kauai. Something powerful lurks under the island...a force so potent it is changing the laws of time. The island sends signals to the earths dark creatures...and they answer. When bloodthirsty snake creatures invade his island and destroy his village, Mano is saved by the anukus, a mysterious race of mountain dwellers.

What ensues is a thrilling journey through the wondrous anuku world, and the chilling world of the snake-creatures. Mano begins to transform, yet he does not know why, or into what. With the guidance of the anukus, Mano learns to use his powers and uncovers the mysteries of his ancestry.

But under each layer, more secrets appear, and the visions of the past and future blur the boundaries of time. So many questions must be answered before the humans and anukus can defeat the invaders. Why are the creatures in Kauai? Who are they? What happened that turned the island into a mecca for evil? But most importantly, who is Mano, and why are the creatures hunting him?

Enter the sum

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